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4 Main Reasons More Developers Are Building with Ignite

Ignite CLI provides a low-friction, easy-to-use developer experience for building blockchains using the Cosmos SDK framework.

Sonia Singla 3 min read

Ignite CLI is like a Swiss Army knife for building and running sovereign and secured blockchains. It has all the features you need to build, test, and maintain your blockchain. As a command-line interface tool, Ignite CLI helps you focus on writing business logic instead of worrying about structure or maintaining the blockchain node. Ignite CLI is built on Cosmos technologies and offers an unparalleled developer experience with smooth onboarding for novice and experienced blockchain developers alike.

The main idea behind Ignite CLI is to enable developers like you to build blockchains for a multi-chain future with thousands of application-specific blockchains. The goal is to create an interoperable network where all chains are connected and can easily interact, transact, and exchange data.

When you build apps or products with blockchain technology, you must consider the entire tech stack and development process, which is why more developers are turning to Ignite CLI to achieve their goals. Here are four reasons that more developers are turning to Ignite CLI to achieve their goals.

1. Quick Set Up

Ignite CLI lowers the barrier of setting up and running a blockchain. With the help of Ignite CLI, you can quickly build a new blockchain with just two commands (or just one command if you don't count "install"!). You can create a blockchain in less than five minutes, even if you’re a novice in the blockchain world. Ignite CLI is a free and open source product developed and maintained by Ignite that you can use to build and maintain your own chain. The Ignite CLI tool provides developer-centric features to build your code efficiently and see updates and errors in real-time so that you can iterate on your design with reduced friction.

2. Active Developer Community

Developers are building blockchains with Ignite because of our active developer community and support. With many channels for developers to provide feedback, high visibility and consideration are given to issues and suggestions. Ignite is being developed in an open world, where all discussions, issues, development, and documentation are open source and available to all community members. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

3. Adaptability Beyond Project Architecture

One of Ignite's most outstanding features is its flexibility. Ignite is adaptable to all types of projects. In each scaffolded blockchain application, you can configure intuitively using a config.yml file. Easily read and update the configuration file to set and test different values in your development environment and establish cross-chain connections with a built-in relayer.

Every project built with Ignite is a sovereign independent blockchain. This means you don’t have to depend on the technical capacity, features, or governance of an underlying layer one solution. By default, you can access existing Cosmos SDK modules that support creating and sending tokens, on-chain governance, Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), account authentication, authorization, and so much more.

4. Quickly Connect to the Existing Ecosystem - Cosmos

When you develop a blockchain with Ignite, you can launch a chain that immediately connects to an existing ecosystem. With native IBC support, Ignite builds blockchains that can interoperate and transfer value, interchange assets and services, and connect with other blockchains. A built-in IBC relayer in Ignitelets you connect blockchains that run on your local computer to blockchains on remote computers. Igniteis independent of programming languages and architecture, so your project is able to thrive, scale, and interoperate with ease.

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With some of the largest and most popular blockchains on the market today built on top of Cosmos SDK, Cosmos has earned recognition as the industry standard for building blockchains. Ignite provides a low-friction, easy-to-use developer experience for building blockchains using the Cosmos SDK framework. Join the ever-growing community of developers today and use Ignite CLI to access all the tools you need to build your application-specific blockchain in a matter of minutes.

We want to hear about your experience and learn how we can improve, so be sure to share your feedback with us. You can engage with the Ignite CLI developer community in the following ways:

Jan 6, 2022 - Last edited May 27, 2024