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Ignite: Growing the Cosmos Ecosystem Since 2014

A long history of incubating Cosmos talent and infrastructure

Jul 22, 2022   —  4 min read

Ignite at Consensus: Meet the Team in Austin

Consensus 2022 has begun! Come and join the Ignite team as we discuss the multichain and our transition to a decentralized future.

Jun 9, 2022   —  2 min read

Spotlight on Archway - The Smart Contract Platform that Rewards Developers

Find out about our incubated project Archway and some of its initiatives for dApp developers to learn, build, and connect

May 20, 2022   —  3 min read

What Ignite Accelerator Can Do for Your Early-Stage Blockchain Project

Ignite Accelerator will provide your team with unrivaled expertise, marketing guidance, and insights to ensure the highest chance of success

Apr 27, 2022   —  3 min read

Ignite Launches $150M-Backed Accelerator Program to Fuel the Growth of Innovative Web 3 Projects

Supported by eleven major investment partners, Ignite Accelerator is a robust platform to help developers speed up time to market of their projects

Apr 12, 2022   —  4 min read

Why Is IBC Essential for Blockchain Developers?

IBC is the Pulse of Cosmos Ecosystem

Mar 22, 2022   —  5 min read

The Future of Blockchain Development is Cross-Chain

Why blockchain protocols need cross-chain communication to reach mainstream adoption

Feb 15, 2022   —  3 min read

Top 5 Blockchain Programming Languages

Check out the 5 most popular programming languages for Blockchain development in 2022

Feb 1, 2022   —  4 min read

How to Become a Blockchain Developer

This rise in demand encourages many developers and individuals to consider a career in a blockchain domain.

Jan 12, 2022   —  4 min read

4 Main Reasons More Developers Are Building with Ignite

Ignite CLI provides a low-friction, easy-to-use developer experience for building blockchains using the Cosmos SDK framework.

Jan 6, 2022   —  3 min read

Ignite CLI v0.19

A mobile app wallet template, scaffolding models with array and coin types, module parameters, and simulation testing

Dec 24, 2021   —  3 min read

Top 5 Blockchain Platforms and How They Compare

Blockchain platforms are emerging systems that allow the development of blockchain applications.

Dec 1, 2021   —  8 min read

Your Project Deserves Its Own Blockchain

Ignite is the all-in-one platform to build, launch, and maintain any crypto application on a sovereign and secured blockchain

Nov 22, 2021   —  5 min read

Ignite CLI, the easiest way to build a blockchain

Ignite CLI is an open-source rapid prototyping tool that lets developers quickly build a new blockchain with just two commands.

Jul 26, 2020   —  3 min read

Build Your Blockchain with Ignite CLI and Connect to a $75B+ Ecosystem of Digital Assets

Building a sovereign blockchain with Ignite CLI allows you to make your own rules over development.

Jun 16, 2020   —  7 min read