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Ignite CLI, the easiest way to build a blockchain

Ignite CLI is an open-source rapid prototyping tool that lets developers quickly build a new blockchain with just two commands.

Michelle Leech 3 min read

Create a new blockchain in two commands

Ignite CLI is an open-source rapid prototyping tool that lets developers quickly build a new blockchain with just two CLI commands. Currently, even for seasoned blockchain developers, building a new blockchain and launching a local testnet can take up the better part of a day. With the alpha release of Ignite CLI, developers can launch a simple Cosmos SDK-based blockchain in less than five minutes. The Ignite CLI intelligent scaffolding feature radically reduces development time and lowers the barrier to blockchain for millions of developers.

Lowering the barrier to entry

For developers and end-users, steep technical learning curves and usability concerns are known blockers for mainstream blockchain adoption. The estimated number of blockchain developers is just over 100,000 compared to nine million Javascript developers. As of June 2019, the Blockchain Developer Analysis Report referenced an average of 6,842 total monthly active crypto developers. This disparity highlights significant growth potential and the need for better developer tooling.

Ignite: From idea to blockchain in minutes

Tendermint Core, Cosmos SDK, and Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) are the essential foundational layers for building an ‘Internet of Blockchains.’ However, for the ecosystem to mature and grow, Ignite recognizes the need for higher-level tooling to support faster and easier application development on top of the robust Cosmos stack. Thus, Ignite built Ignite CLI to serve as a starting point for new developers to scaffold, prototype, and launch public Proof-of-Stake blockchains in minutes.

View the Ignite CLI demo to see how easy it is to use.

Ignite CLI Features

  • Scaffold a blockchain: Set up and start developing a full-featured Cosmos SDK-based blockchain in one command
  • Scaffold a type: Create a data type with one command, including CLI commands, REST endpoints, and web UI views
  • Scaffold a web app: Automatically create a web app to interact with the blockchain, including CosmJS and the API
  • Hot reloading: The web app and the blockchain automatically reload when changes are made to the source code
  • Smart contracts: Add CosmWasm smart contract support to the blockchain with one command
  • Up-to-date: Ignite CLI supports Stargate, the IBC-enabled version of the Cosmos SDK.

What will you build with Ignite CLI?

Ignite CLI is available today for developers to download and try out. Start turning your idea into a blockchain! Check out these foundation tutorials to help you get started building with Ignite:

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A better starting point for your blockchain

Most current production Cosmos SDK-based blockchains have a lineage that traces back to a fork of Gaia, the source code of the Cosmos Hub. This dependency has led to a number of maintainability issues for blockchain developers. For example, just to rename Gaia to something else, developers have to make 105 individual changes across 23 files. It’s a complex and error-prone process that a find-and-replace search cannot easily resolve.

Through experience, the easiest way for new developers to get started with blockchain development is with a clean slate. Most blockchain developers do not need the large amounts of code currently found in Gaia. In comparison, Ignite CLI includes only a minimal set of files required to build a Cosmos SDK-based blockchain.

Code with Us

Ignite's Director of Developer Experience, Denis Fadeev, will be giving a Ignite workshop on July 31st. Signup today for the Cosmos Code with Us workshop: “Build and launch a polling application with Ignite CLI”

Description: In this tutorial, you’ll be building a simple poll application with Ignite CLI. The application will allow users to create polls (creating a poll will cost tokens), cast votes, and see the results in a browser-based UI. Ignite CLI will be used to scaffold the code and launch the application along with some JavaScript to wire up the UI. This is a beginner-friendly session that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the Cosmos SDK (some experience with Go or JS, and a Unix-like console).

Date: July 31st, 7 am PDT/9 pm EDT/4 am CEST

Host: Denis Fadeev, Developer Experience Lead at Ignite

Resource: Ignite on Github

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About Ignite

At Ignite, we empower people to create a transparent and accountable world through open, distributed, and interoperable networks. Ignite is the gateway to the Cosmos ecosystem. We’ve built critical infrastructure for open networks, like the Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core, and Gaia. We lead the developer experience by providing best-in-class tools to peer into an ever-expanding Cosmos.

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