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Ignite Latest Release v0.26.1

The latest version release of Ignite is now available and comes with a host of features that make the most intuitive tool for building blockchains more customizable and user-friendly than ever.

Christina Comben 2 min read

The latest release of Ignite v0.26.1 is here! The team has been working hard along with the community to improve how you interact with Ignite. We’d like to thank everyone who helped out with this update that makes building sovereign blockchains as simple and intuitive as possible. Among a ton of useful features including improvements to the UX of the chain serve command (read the full list here) the latest version provides you with a new plugin system for extending the Ignite's functionality and a debugging command that helps you easily fix any issues during development. Cosmos SDK has been upgraded to v0.46.7 and ibc-go to v6.1.0 as well!

Ignite’s New Plugin System Extends Functionality

As an open-source project, anyone can contribute to the ongoing development of Ignite. The new Ignite Plugin System in V.0.26.1 makes it easier than ever before. If you want to add features to Ignite, you can simply extend the functionality by using a simple plugin.

Adding new commands or hooking into existing commands by registering handlers allows you to customize Ignite and your blockchain to suit the unique needs of your project. Pick and choose from a growing catalog of plugins to accelerate your blockchain’s development and adoption.

Ignite Chain Debug Eliminates Issues During Development

Debugging your chain doesn’t have to be a laborious process any more thanks to the Ignite Chain Debug feature. At any stage of development, you can now easily debug your chain and fix any issues on the spot. Ignite Chain Debug uses Go’s tried and tested Delve debugger which enables you to interact with your blockchain app by controlling the execution of the process, evaluating variables, and more. Optionally, you can use Visual Studio as a debugging UI or attach your custom interface.

Thanks to these awesome features and several other tweaks and fixes included in this new version, the community will be able to customize Ignite more than ever and add their preferred features so that new developers can build their chains with Ignite and deploy them in any existing IBC-enabled ecosystem.

If you have an idea for a plugin that will add value to Ignite’s expanding utility, be sure to contribute to our growing community today. If you’re running a previous version of Ignite, you can find the full upgrade instructions here.

Feb 1, 2023 - Last edited May 27, 2024