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Ignite: New Version and Dev Updates

Catch up with Ignite's latest news and developments and find out what we're working on.

Christina Comben 3 min read

We’re excited to announce that Ignite has been upgraded to a new version, v28.0.0, making it compatible with the latest version of the Cosmos SDK, Eden v0.50. Now, developers can continue creating blockchain applications with less boilerplate – and take advantage of a host of additional features. Below, we’ll dive into the improvements of the latest version, take a look at our progress on the Ignite Marketplace, and provide insights into what else we’re working on.

Ignite: New Version Release - v28.0.0

In this upgrade, you’ll find major UX changes when writing your code (way less boilerplate), as AutoCLI provides a simple way to add CLI commands to your chain application by generating them automatically based on your service definitions. Ignite’s scaffolding feature uses depinject to simplify code generation. Scaffold chains now come with app wiring integration, so all modules are injected automatically, reducing the code into the "app.go". All new scaffolded modules will also have app wiring support with dependency injection. Additionally, the integration of Buf with Ignite CLI streamlines the generation of proto code, the management of proto files, and their dependencies with a single command.

We have enhanced the build system of Ignite to support custom build tags and renamed ‘Plugins’ to ‘Ignite Apps’ (‘plugin’ cmd is now called ‘app’) to improve the development workflow. The relayer is now compatible with the latest version of IBC, and the continued support of the IBC module persists. You’ll also notice some small bug fixes in various areas designed to improve Ignite’s UX further.

We changed Ignite Apps to use gRPC for communication, enabling developers to write apps in languages other than Go, such as Rust or Python, while interacting with Ignite. You can also leverage Ignite's existing packages with many different features, such as code analysis and more APIs to come. Finally, we removed legacy elements, like the old x/params module, and some legacy scaffolded methods, and the module package is no longer in the root folder; it is in the x/<module_name>/module following the SDK standards.

New Versioning of Ignite

The latest version of Ignite represents a milestone in the CLI’s development, which is why we’ve decided to adopt a semver-compliant versioning strategy. With this latest release, Ignite removes the zero (“0”) prefix from its version numbering, transitioning from a beta phase to a major release. This change reflects the software’s value, maturity, compliance with Go Modules, and stability over the years as a tried-and-tested three-year-old product trusted by many of Cosmos’ most prominent projects.

Ignite Marketplace

We recently shared information on the all-new Ignite Marketplace, your one-stop resource for searching, selecting, and integrating custom modules and functionalities for your blockchain through the Ignite CLI. To assist you further while developing your chain, we’ve launched the Block Explorer app, which uses Gex and provides a real-time view of the blocks being generated while running your blockchain during development. You’ll also find the Hermes Relayer app, which allows you to easily relay IBC packets. Stay tuned for more progress coming soon, and check out the Ignite Apps repo for more information.

Ignite Developer Community Call

To better support developers using Ignite, our engineering team is hosting monthly developer calls to discuss updates, issues, pull requests, feature releases, and more. You can view the recording of last month’s call and find the agenda on GitHub. If you have a question or want to know how to contribute, connect with us on Discord.

Ignite’s Expanding Team

Finally, we’re thrilled to welcome three new members to the Ignite DevX team, who will work on documentation, tutorials, and apps, and help to better support the developer community. That’s all for now. Stay on top of our latest news and developments by following us on our new X handle or drop into our Discord anytime. Let’s expand the Cosmos together.

Dec 18, 2023 - Last edited May 27, 2024